bellydance costume

Sabrina of San Diego in custom set

Bellydancers are crafty and resourceful women, great at finding flowing fabrics and sparkly bits and combining them in functional ways. The methods and materials of the Organic Armor Arts would be a great addition to the tool box of a bellydancer. It enables comfort, durability, ease of movement and sculptural design. There are several bellydancers taking the course right now (open enrollment).

We’ve been making Organic Armor custom bellydance sets for almost 8 years. It started with Sabrina from San Diego. She ordered a custom set and wore it to GothLA, an alt Belly dance show in Los Angeles, dancing to Ministry’s “Thieves”. That is not your typical belly dance sound track and we do not make your typical costume. If you are looking for something different, you’ve come to the right place.

Our first belly dance show was in 2010 – TribOriginal, where we learned much about what the community looks for in style and function. We’ve been working closely with dancers ever since. Take a look here for some beautiful sets we’ve made over the years.

bellydance costume

Angelys, Neon and Jenna Rey of Venus Uprising

The introductory project in our online course is making upper armbands, inspired by the lovely ones we made for Neon of World Dance New York.

We picked this for the first project because the sizing is easy to adjust, and the work is done on a flat surface, which is easier than working on a 3D form. There is a lot of freedom within the basic format of the shape and the specific techniques taught.

If you were to purchase a pair of custom-made armbands from an artisan, they would likely cost 200.00 or more. After taking the course you will be able to make many pairs of your own, in a variety of designs. The materials themselves are pretty low cost. Once you understand the basic steps, you can apply them to headdresses, bras, belts…the sky is the limit. And we are already working on new courses to share advanced techniques.

It’s an investment in your creativity.

Here is a testimonial from one of our favorite belly dance customers:

“As a tribal Bellydancer I often wear very heavy costuming and head pieces. I found this all too often weighed me down on my performance and restricted my range of movement, even becoming off putting at times.

The best thing about Organic Armor’s work is that not only are they beautiful beyond words but they are so light and secure to dance in I forget I am wearing them at all.

They are comfortable and my very large headdress is even secure enough to do deep laybacks in without worrying about it falling off or straining my neck for weight. They give an authentic heavy metal look without the weight and strain of genuine metals and the flexibility of the latex allows for a full range of motion. I highly recommend their services!”

Jaydee Amrita Copperfield

kali costume

Jaydee Amrita Copperfield at TribalFest