People have been asking us for years if we would teach them how we make these beautiful yet comfortable and long-lasting costumes.

We now offer three ways to learn the secrets and join the community:

Introduction to the Organic Armor Arts

Online Course

Upgrade your costuming life! 24/7 access

student montage




Weekend Workshops

in Asheville, North Carolina

in-studio guidance by the experts

montage intro workshop




Oogoo Moldmaking for Artists


Relief molds easy, cheap, and fast

oogoo moldmaking



No More Heavy Costumes
Costume disasters, we’ve all had them. Our materials – a combination of liquid latex, fiber, and acrylic are lightweight, durable and versatile, avoiding common pitfalls of other costuming methods.

Skip the Steep Learning Curve
Start with the right materials and a guide who has a decade of experience. Students benefit from what we learned the hard way! No one else is teaching this.

Join a Community of Innovative Artists
Creative people from all over the world and many walks of life are part of this thriving community via discussion boards and a private Facebook group. Read more about them here.