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  • The Mother of Faces

    We were contacted back in the spring by a filmmaker who was running an Indie GoGo campaign to raise funds for his project, a live-action fan-film of  “The Search”, an Avatar: The Last Airbender comic trilogy. He wanted an estimate for a headdress of the Mother of Faces. Alexander Herron and his team are huge […]

  • Neon and Dance Resolutions

    We have been doing more on Instagram lately and in the process have discovered some of our customers there. One we are especially excited about is Neon, a world class belly dance performer and instructor. If you have ever shopped for a belly dance instruction video, you’ve seen her work. She commissioned a beautiful trio […]

  • Facebook Giveaway!

    UPDATE: This contest is OVER. Thank you to all who participated. We had over 1140 comments, with so many amazing visions shared. We will be reviewing these for new ideas in the coming months. The winner was a darling ceramics artist from New South Wales – Elyte Blansjaar. GIVEAWAY! To celebrate passing a quarter of […]

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