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  • Merman Magnifique!


    We’ve been creating a variety of accessories for a handsome l’homme sirene based in Paris over the last year. Merman Arion, has a set of circlets, bracers, armbands made to match his tail. He just released some beautiful photos showing them off, along with his fabulous Finfolk Productions tail. The photos were taken by Mamzelle […]

  • DragonCon Connections

    Wow, what a whirl! There is nothing like DragonCon. More people, more hotels, more genres, more costumes, more lines…than any other con I know of. We got to connect up with five of our customers in person at the con, four of them for the first time. Elizabeth wore her Nefertari headdress and ancient Egyptian […]

  • DragonCon here we come!

    We are packing up to drive to Atlanta for Dragoncon, the biggest SciFi Con in the world. 70K people will be wandering the hotels and streets of downtown, wearing all manner of cosplay costumes. Celebrities and all kinds of talented geeks will be presenting at panels, Paul included! He will be on the Armor panel, […]

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