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  • Mermaid Collab

    We’ve been doing collaborative photo shoots with talented models and photographers for many years. Some are new to the scene and some are world renowned. These two images fall into the latter category. Hannah Mermaid is a professional mermaid (yes, there is such a thing), ocean environmentalist, artist and model.  A dedicated activist, she travels […]

  • Persephone Headdresses

    Paul got to play in the studio last month for a few weeks, hopefully an occurence that will happen more frequently this year. Having just finished the catacombs themed bra and belt set and a fabulous Kali headdress by commission, he had elegant skulls on his mind (and all over the work tables). He came […]

  • Made to Order Headdresses!

    Finally! Right? You’ve been asking for it for years but for various reasons we have not been able to list regular shop items as “made to order”. This meant that if you saw a cool set of antlers in the galleries or on Facebook, but we didn’t have any in stock in the shop, there […]

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