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  • Corsets and Other Goodies for Halloween

    I’ve just listed another corset and bracers and put several other items on sale for Halloween. Starting today through 10/25 they will be available in the shop at these discounts. They can all be shipped to you within a couple of days. Check out this Steampunk corset with the skull cameo. Designed by Lynette Carpenter […]

  • Fundraiser for Vida

    benefit for vida

    Our friend and frequent model Vida Serrano is going through a challenging time. She had a series of multiple inner and middle ear surgical procedures last winter. The removal of an acoustic neuroma and a T-tube insertion was successful and her recovery has been ongoing and positive, except for that pile of bills. Thanks to […]

  • DragonCon 2014 Wrap-up

    We had a great time at DragonCon, one of the largest cons in the US. Held in downtown Atlanta, it is a multi-genre con and quite a force of nature. There are 60,000 people, many in costume, wandering between 5 huge hotels, taking pictures of each other, lining up for celebrity autographs, geeking out on […]

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