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  • Lindsey Stirling Video!

    lindsey stirling video sea siren

    Last month, by a lucky connection, we got to have one of our Sea Goddess sets in a Lindsey Stirling music video. Cirque Berserk, a wild and wonderful circus troop we know from way back (early Burning Man), contacted us looking for a sea themed bra and belt for a dancer. They needed it right […]

  • Celtic Corset and Bracers

    loki celtic corset

    This beautiful corset with matching bracers is for sale. It is a deep green with gold and black trim, ornamented in a celtic style with a central interlacing snake design, woven scales and knotwork. The straps buckle at the top of the cups and split into 2 at the back. It is made in bust […]

  • Collectible Barbie Cosplays

    Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! Yes, it’s a Barbie World in the Organic Armor studio sometimes (though we don’t use plastic). We’ve made three cosplay sets based on collectible Barbie so far and they are fun! This Goddess of the Galaxy corset and collar was made for Geeklore Costumes for the Labyrinth of Jareth Ball. […]

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