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  • Faerie Fashion Show

    Last weekend we loaned some pieces to be a part of a Faerie themed benefit event in Asheville. It’s always fun to get photos back from a variety of photographers after something like this. Here is a selection. The breastplate so fetchingly worn by Le Ann is on sale here. The Shell Castle headdress is […]

  • Merman Armor

    merman pauldron

    We’re emerging from the Halloween rush at last. One of the many amazing commissions Paul completed in the last 6 weeks was this colossal crustacean! It’s a pauldron, made for a merman, in the form of an isopod. It has the feeling of a treasure found in an ancient Greek ship wreck and, in fact, […]

  • Introduction Course Finished at Last!

    The videos are finished. The written content is plugged in. Graphics, photos, lists of supplies are complete. It’s all loaded into the Introduction to the Organic Armor Arts course at last. It now awaits the new students who purchased it in the pre-launch period. They will get their registration emails tomorrow. If you’d like to […]

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