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  • Cosplay Projects and Visionary Artists

    barbie queen constellations cosplay

    July has been super busy. The high season of festivals and cons is upon us. Custom orders are flying in and out the door, many of them on time by the skin of our teeth. Whew! In the last month we’ve completed a lot of cosplay pieces: two collector Barbie corsets with accessories, two Maleficent […]

  • Magnificent Maleficent

    malefficent horns

    When I saw the teaser poster for “Maleficent” back in November I was enchanted by her horns – so curvy and strong. I shared the picture on our Facebook page and was amazed by the big response. Wow, we are not the only ones who love the evil queen. One of the people who responded […]

  • Thranduil Crown

    lotr hobbit thranduil crown

    Finished the Thranduil crown last week, what a beauty! It was shipped off to Australia¬† right away but we did get some sweet shots of it, thanks to Nic Adams. This photo garnered more likes (9,663), shares (1173) and comments (267) than anything we’ve ever posted on Facebook before! The backwards orientation of the crown […]

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