This summer Shela Jacques and Kimberly Carlisle rocked the Labyrinth of Jareth Ball in their fabulous costumes made in part using Organic Armor Arts materials and techniques.


And feast your eyes on this headdress made by Varyn Ebner. Wow! She said this about it:

“I’ve been nomadic for a few years now, which meant having to put this medium down for a while. I was so excited to pick it up again to make a headdress for Five & Diamond’s headgear show this last year. There were cobwebs to dust off but I got back in the groove quickly.

I present: Duneyrr (named after one of the stags that eats among the world tree Yggdrasil in Norse mythology). Model: Sonia Tiger”
Hey, I know I’ve said this for 3 years now, but we really are getting ready to update this site to try to activate the online courses again. The folks in the Facebook group are so inspiring, it makes us want to spread the word about this art form again.
Maybe by New Year’s?