995_635935609879142_7879150487258068753_nPaul got to play in the studio last month for a few weeks, hopefully an occurence that will happen more frequently this year. Having just finished the catacombs themed bra and belt set and a fabulous Kali headdress by commission, he had elegant skulls on his mind (and all over the work tables).

He came up with these four beautiful headdresses that I just listed in our shop. These fierce and regal pieces are all variations on the same gothic theme, featuring skulls, roses, crystals and filigree. They are dramatic and opulent, framing the face with their graceful sides.

Headdress 1, 2, 3 and 4

Our good friend and studio neighbor Rodney Smith of Tempus Fugit Design was inspired when we showed him the results. He turned his ample creative powers toward organizing a wonderful photo shoot just before the new year.

Models Madison Smith, Jillian Summers, Credella Credle, Aubrey Huntley, Devina KellinaMina and Sam Stewart answered the call and made a party out of it.  The lovely hair and makeup was done by Vanessa Sogan. Props came from Daniel Lebenstein of Ashevilleartscrafts.com and Antiques At Riverview Station. Yummies and wine provided by Rodney’s partner and our favorite web designer, Cyd Smith.

12439067_635935866545783_5124987174010115718_nWe hope to start releasing small batches of headdresses each month. Meanwhile, if you’d like to get your hands dirty and make your own Organic Armor Arts crown, check out our online course.