IMG_9254Wow, what a whirl! There is nothing like DragonCon. More people, more hotels, more genres, more costumes, more lines…than any other con I know of.

We got to connect up with five of our customers in person at the con, four of them for the first time.

Elizabeth wore her Nefertari headdress and ancient Egyptian garb in the Vintage Vogue Fashion Show on Friday. She was simply regal in it and stole the show in my opinion, except for that gang of Spartans!

We ran into Ms. Bernadette Bentley in her classic Xena outfit (we didn’t make this one) while trying to find the skybridge at the Hyatt. She is even more adorable in real life. We’ve made two cosplay sets for her so far, both for Faeriecon.

11994278_10153888825762580_1963780458_n IMG_9267 IMG_9351Laurie wore her dsytopian Wonder Woman set in a photo with George Perez, writer and artist of the Wonder Woman comic! She came to our Organic Armor Meet Up on Saturday and gave Paul a big hug. The accessories she chose to go with the set were perfect.

We also saw our friend and customer Onyx Love at the Meet Up, wearing her monarch butterfly outfit (we didn’t make that one). She has commissioned two Barbie themed sets from us for previous DragonCons.

Last but not least, we ran into Jason, AKA Thanos, in the Late Night Puppet Slam line (biggest slam in the world 500+ people). This was a complete surprise. He glowed blue and gold in the street lights.

Paul gave a presentation at the Arms and Armor Panel discussion on Sunday night. He, along with four other master craftspeople, answered questions from the audience. He shared info about our new online course and got a lot of good response. It was fun and we are looking into doing more of this over the winter.

Now we are home in Asheville again and getting back to finishing commissions and getting this online course made!