promotional postcards printed


costumes packed

We are packing up to drive to Atlanta for Dragoncon, the biggest SciFi Con in the world.

70K people will be wandering the hotels and streets of downtown, wearing all manner of cosplay costumes. Celebrities and all kinds of talented geeks will be presenting at panels, Paul included! He will be on the Armor panel, as part of the Costuming Track. He will be in the company of 5 other costumers/prop makers: Stephen F Taylor, Mark Zoran, Joe M Deese, Chance Chancellor. I’m looking forward to meeting them.

Last year was our first time on the panel and there were over 200 people there. Many were turned away because the room reached capacity. Hopefully they will have a bigger room this time.

Paul will be telling the audience about the Organic Armor Arts course. We’ve printed up a bunch of postcards promoting the course and on it there is a special DragonCon coupon code for an even bigger discount.

It’s sure to be an informative and fun event. Please join us if you will be at the con: Sunday night, 10 pm in the Marriott, room M103

Also, we are having an Organic Armor MEET UP! We haven’t done this before but hope to connect with some of the many cool folks who follow us on social media and especially the ones who will be wearing Organic Armor to the con. We will have some trinkets to give away and would love to hear about your con adventures.

Sunday from 4 to 5 pm at the Marriott 10th Floor lounge area.