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mardi gras

Student Profile: Transformation Artist

Carol and her husband at Mardi Gras party Carol Richards joined the online course last fall and has been one of the active members of the Facebook group, sharing her work in progress [...]

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Gifts for Burners & Freaks, pt. 2

price of Cernunnos horns - 160.00 price of ticket to Burning Man - 280.00 experience of riding in a furry pink slipper around a luminescent lily pond under a desert full moon - priceless Experiences [...]

Mardi Gras Love

The snow held off, the people danced in the streets, a good time was had by all!

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Mardi Gras

This will be our 3rd Mardi Gras in Asheville. The first one was exactly one month after we arrived. It was also the day we closed on our new house and Super Tuesday in the [...]

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