This will be our 3rd Mardi Gras in Asheville. The first one was exactly one month after we arrived. It was also the day we closed on our new house and Super Tuesday in the 08 election. A great day all around, and nice and warm for the parade. Last year it was bitter cold but we donned our layers and our Organic Armor and hit the street anyway. Here’s Ethan and Connor celebrating in Pritchard Park.

AV Mardigras 09

This year the Asheville parade will be held on Valentine’s Day. The theme is “Wild at Heart”. Hope it doesn’t snow or rain. If you are in the area, comment below if you want to join us. We’ll bring some extra armor.

Here’s a good article on the history of the holiday in the mother city of all US Mardi Gras – New Orleans.

“Throw me somethin’ mister!”