Here's what's up at Organic Armor - Saturday, July 23, 2016:
New website in process! That means this (old) site has missing pictures and navigation issues. We are also having email delays. But it's going to be super beautiful SOON so if you can't find something, please check back in a day or two!


64 Days till the Man Burns

Burning Man was where Organic Armor became a twinkle in Paul's eye, 15 years ago. We have much love for the festival and it's denizens. We will not be on the playa this year, but [...]

Clip-on Horns and NYC

We're scrambling to get out of town. Heading for NYC and parts north for a Fire Island wedding and family time. We will also be delivering some fab pieces to a new gallery in Manhattan. [...]

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Fairy Festival Pics

Sorry for the sporadic blog posts. I've been concentrating on Facebook lately. We 've been super busy busting out inventory for the Fairy Festival and hauling ourselves up to PA to sell there (about 500 [...]

Mardi Gras Love

The snow held off, the people danced in the streets, a good time was had by all!

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Happy New Year

The crazy month of December is finally over: the flu, visitors, travel to NY, holiday events, too many expectations. Whew. Now looking ahead to cool, calm January. Hope you all have a fantastic (extravagantly fanciful; [...]

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