Here's what's up at Organic Armor - Saturday, July 23, 2016:
New website in process! That means this (old) site has missing pictures and navigation issues. We are also having email delays. But it's going to be super beautiful SOON so if you can't find something, please check back in a day or two!

Kindred spirits

Great Connects at ConCarolina

We returned last night from Charlotte, where we spent the weekend at ConCarolinas. Met some talented folks there who welcomed us warmly. It wasn't a great weekend for sales though. I think our prices were [...]

Nice Review of Fairy Festival

Patrick Nottingham posted a nice review of us on his Raven's Barrow blog, after coming to our booth at the May Day Fairy Festival. It's got a great title: Embrace Your Inner Tribal Alien Steampunk Viking [...]

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Fairy Festival Pics

Sorry for the sporadic blog posts. I've been concentrating on Facebook lately. We 've been super busy busting out inventory for the Fairy Festival and hauling ourselves up to PA to sell there (about 500 [...]

History of Burlesque, pt. 1

I started out wanting to write a quick post about the history of burlesque and then show off our new pasties. But as I researched online I found so much interesting stuff this will have [...]

Fairie Clothes

I've been searching for clothing designers that make the kind of pieces that work with Organic Armor - things that would not only be practical in shape but would complement it aesthetically and create synergy. [...]

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Visionary Portals

Radhika is a big part of a wonderful new gallery The Temple of Visions, just down the street from another great art spot, the Hive, in downtown Los Angeles. The Temple features contemporary mystical art [...]

Jason Webley in town

Jason Webley, folk/gypsy/punk musician, performance artist, and cool guy came through town last night to do a show at the Bobo Gallery and visit with us. Despite the weather, the room filled up.  The show [...]

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Upcoming Photoshoots

This winter seems to be the season of the photoshoot. We joined ModelMayhem in December at the suggestion of local Asheville photrographer Eloise Farr . It's a professional network with many excellent models and photographers. [...]

Jesse Evan Video

Here's a new Jesse Evans video, featuring several Organic Armor headdresses and bustiers. Also our lovely Radhika and Auriana are among the harem dancers. Jesse Evans Is it Fire? Some stills:

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Brothers Grimm

Jakob Grimm was born today in 1785, making this his 225th birthday. I loved the Terry Gilliam 2005 film The Brothers Grimm. Filmed in Prague, it stars Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as the brothers [...]

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