Organic Armor is entering it’s 9th year in 2016. Nearly a decade!

This year has been a time of changes. Launching the How-to course was the biggest adventure. We also raised our prices significantly on commissions. This was long overdue and a little scary. But we had to do it in order to stay in business. Our work is a time consuming craft and we were losing money on almost every order because of the many hours that go into each one (40 to 100+ hours). Not a wise way to run a business.

One of the results was we made fewer items but they were generally more complex than in previous years. This is a good direction to go for us.

There were so many fun projects, it’s hard to pick favorites but I’ve highlighted 10 commissions from 2015 that were especially cool, starting back in January and ending with the skull crown just finished a couple of weeks ago:

nic mof 72

Four faced mask/headdress for indie film

OA neptune armor front

Neptune Gladiator armor

captain nemo top hat steampunk

Captain Nemo top hat


Sith Lord Helmet


Catacombs bra and belt set, photo Tempus Fugit Design

hobbit Thorin crown

Thorin crown


Nefertari headdress, photo Tempus Fugit Design


Steampunk Wonderwoman corset and accessories, photo Tempus Fugit Design

merman pauldron

Isopod merman pauldron


Queen of Skulls crown

We are so thankful to our customers, whose enthusiasm and patience make all this possible. Here’s to a new year of creative exploration, learning, and making beautiful things!