Oogoo moldmaking class

We had another moldmaking class last weekend. These are really a pleasure to teach. We get to know such interesting people and they seem to be creatively empowered when they learn this process.

Annie was excited to learn how to make original molds for her soapmaking.  As a bellydancer, she really lit up when she realized the costuming possiblities this opened up. Her husband Tom likes to dabble in many artistic techniques and wanted to find a moldmaking alternative to the sticky mess that silicone can be.

Lori is a professional ceramicist specializing in dinnerware for restaurants. Finding ways to streamline a handmade process, without losing the one-of-a-kind touch is a challenge that we know well. We helped her figure out a way to use oogoo molds to cast little ears and tails on one of her regular items.


May the Force be with you!

We have another workshop scheduled for January 9th. It will be held in our studio in Asheville, NC. For those who have been asking – we hope to make an e-book version of this workshop by the end of February.