winged circlet forest nymph

forest nymph in a winged circlet

bracers froud frigga

Patrice Wilson in Froud inspired bracers

Another whirlwind month is drawing to a close. Last weekend our talented friends at Tempus Fugit Design did a shoot in some beautiful woods near Asheville, take a look. The winged circlet is for sale here.

We were running about two weeks behind on custom orders but are now slowly catching up. Scheduling custom work is not a exact science by any means! I am getting better at it but sometimes life throws you curve balls.

We finished a breastplate and bracers based on the Frigga character from Thor, and inspired in part by the art of fairy artist Brian Froud. We made a gorgeous mermaid corset in keeping with our 2014 mer theme. We are almost done with the Thranduil crown (the elven king from Lord of the Rings).

Can’t wait to share photos of these with you soon!