mermaid bra belt sea goddessWe completed three lovely bra and belt set commissions last week. Our studio neighbor photographer Nic Adams documented the sets for us beautifully last Sunday, working with the lovely Kim Berrier as model (thank you Tempus Fugit for introducing us).

A quick snapshot of the sea goddess set, just laying on the table, got more likes on Facebook than anything we ever posted before – more than 8K!  The mer themed pieces really speak to people these days.

When I post something on Facebook I now have to set aside several hours to field the responses. I am still just amazed by the growth in the number of fans over the last six months. New custom orders are coming in almost everyday, and this is usually our slow season.

We are already scheduling new production 13 weeks ahead. It will soon be 15 weeks. This means that if you place a custom order today and it’s going to take us 3 weeks to make it, we won’t begin making it until May 12th. And your piece will not be ready to ship until June 2nd.

If you have a project you’d like us to make for you to wear to the Labyrinth of Jareth, San Diego Comiccon, Burning Man, DragonCon or other summer fun event you should be talking with us about it now. We will probably be fully booked for summer orders by mid March.