liz-taylor-cleopatra-headdressWow, we have never had such a busy winter before. The last few years have been slow from November to early March, but this year the flow of inquiries and custom orders never let up after Halloween. I’m not complaining though!

The projects we are currently scheduling are so diverse and fun. One of the most dramatic is an interpretation of the Cleopatra headdress that Liz Taylor wore in the 1963 film.

Another is a human size headdress based on the one that this gorgeous doll by Marina Bychkova is wearing.

We get to make a Thranduil crown AND a Sith helmet (can’t get more opposite than that!).

One I am especially fond of is a steampunk pirate’s eyepatch that will look like an octopus stuck to his head.


Art doll made by Marina Bychkova

There’s a tall hat for our favorite Asheville rocker Al Al, and new set of Barbie gear for our favorite drag queen. And many more awesome pieces.

We are now scheduling orders 8 weeks ahead and this will probably change to 10 weeks soon. If there is something you’ve been contemplating having us make for an early summer event, or the Labyrinth of Jareth (July 5), it’s not too early to start the process. And Burning Man, Dragon Con projects too, especially if they are complex.

We have the best job in the world.


Lee Pace as Thranduil in the LOTR films