triple queensPaul finished these three beautiful Queen of the Damned style crowns yesterday. We have to hustle them into the mail today to three lucky customers, but I took some quick shots first. They look so lucious together!

You can see the variety possible with this form. Many love it because of Aliyah’s role as Akasha in the Queen of the Damned film. They want it to look as close to the one she wore as possible. But others have riffed on the basic form of the crown, asking for new colors and ornament to personalize the design. See more of them here and here.

We added the skulls and the red/gold color scheme to one last summer and people went crazy for it. We’ve done them in all silver, and in dark blue.  Our customer Jean was inspired to ask for one that celebrated her work in a media library, so we used some of the forms and colors of circuit boards (see the little antenae on the green one above).

Hopefully this summer we are going to make an elemental set of four crowns in this shape for a photo shoot. Earth will be leafy and green, water will have shells and seaweed, air will have feather shapes, lightning bolts, maybe some spiralling vortexes, and fire will have flames. It is going to be gorgeous.

This photo sure seemed to strike a chord on Facebook, generating more than 7600 likes so far!