Here’s a cute picture of one of our new mini-top hats. This was shot at The Big Crafty. We had a good time at the show. Sold a steady stream of smaller items. Definitely would like to go back for the December show.

mini top2

We will have a presence at the following shows:

ComicCon – San Diego.  Sabrina Belly Dancer is now repping us at Belly Dance related shows. She’ll be wearing her custom belly dance set, while her assistant is wearing a brand new one we are calling the mermaid set. Our Heimdall helmet will also be seen in the Marvel Comics area.

Prepare for the Playa – San Francisco. There are two PftP events this year, one this Sunday 7/25, and one on 8/15. Our hats will be there this weekend at the Wild on the Inside Booth. (Thanks Nikki!). We will be there with a full booth on 8/15.

GenCon – Indianapolis. The lovely Allegra, AKA the Chainmail Chick will be wandering this mega gaming con wearing the Winter Goddess set and handing out our cards.

Dragon Con – Atlanta. Allegra will also be modeling some armor at this amazing con. We’re making a new darkly sexy corset for her and some accessories. She’s also going to be wearing fangs from Greyson Wolf