Here's what's up at Organic Armor - Saturday, July 23, 2016:
New website in process! That means this (old) site has missing pictures and navigation issues. We are also having email delays. But it's going to be super beautiful SOON so if you can't find something, please check back in a day or two!

Belly Dance

Belly Dance Page

Since we've been doing more and more belly dance related costuming and events, I put together a page to collect the photos and info.

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Weekend Fun x3

I'd like to split myself into 3 to attend all the wonderful events this weekend. First, the place we will actually be, is right here in our Asheville studio. The twice yearly River District Studio [...]


We had a lovely time at TribOriginal, a four day tribal belly dance retreat in the mountain town of Hendersonville, NC. The participants were friendly and excited to see our wares. The organizer, [...]

DIY Halloween: Belly Dance Costuming

Only 6 weeks till Halloween. Have you got an idea yet? Today we're talking about belly dance wear, with an emphasis on bras.

WarFlight Photos

We made another great connection through Model Mayhem a couple of weeks ago. San Diego fantasy photographer WarFlight shot some beautiful pics of one of our customers Stephanie. It started out with Stephanie, who lives [...]

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Winter Goddess

We got the first of the results back from the photoshoots! Very exciting! It was a pleasure  to work with model Winter Kelly and her photographer husband, Wolf, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We discovered each [...]

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