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Sabrina Belly Dancer at GothLA, in Organic Armor

Ah, here we are in our third week of DIY costuming tips. Only 6 weeks till Halloween. Have you got an idea yet? Today we’re talking about belly dance wear, with an emphasis on bras.

This is an excellent Instructables tutorial on making a bra pattern.

Here are instructions for a Lady Gaga glitter bra from Threadbanger (I’m a new fan of hers since she started her anti-DADT campaign)

This is a collection of personal tips from working dancers on how to clean, store and repair your belly dance wear. For example:
Put a tablespoon or so of baking soda in a square of fabric, tie off the fabric into a pouch and place the pouch in your bra cups when ready to store

Just like in the fridge it will absorb odors.

Start here for help on making many elements of a belly dance costume, Shira of Iowa City has clearly put a lot of effort into making a useful site for dancers.
A sampling:
A tutorial on how to make a semi circular veil
How to cover an existing bra with fabric

This one by Kawakib from the DC area, shows a similar bra technique but with more photos.

Make a simple hip scarf
Another page of DIY links, this one by Elaine. It also has some flamenco costume patterns and tips.

Here are 2 videos of belly dancers wearing Organic Armor:
Organic Armor business profile (made by my brother Rod Murphy) featuring local dancer Kristi.

Sabrina Belly Dancer performed at GothLA in April, wearing the custom set we made.

Allegra in a steampunk style belly dance bra and belt

Allegra in a steampunk style belly dance bra and belt