Zombies are the new black. Something about the mindless, decaying monster that we each have the potential to become, really resonates with our culture at this moment.  There are even college courses on it.  We could have a fascinating discussion about why, but let’s just learn about how to pretend to be one!

First off, what kind of zombie do you want to be? Like steampunk, the zombie trope can be adapted in a myriad of ways. Clever cross overs get my vote because we’ve already seen plenty of just plain gross rotting people.
Are you a zombie mental patient, zombie biker, zombie bride? Are you long dead or freshly converted? This will tell you if you need historic garb, as well as if you need to look especially gooey or skeletal. Refine your idea and start gathering elements. Also figure out how you died (burned up is going to look different than decapitated).

Loads o’ tutes on YouTube:
basic zombie
(no open wounds) – the first few minutes are about supplies. Otterpopx is a big fan of Ben Nye products including the Death Wheel. Cheery music too. This one shows how to do the rotting flesh with liquid latex and toilet paper.
Threadbanger verison
From Backyard FX – The chopped off finger effect
From Instructables – Burn Makeup

Fake blood recipes

Speaking of cheery zombie music, check out the nerd rock band Kirby Krackle’s song Zombie Apocalypse.

More tutorial videos:
Petrilude makes fun makeup videos of all kinds with special attention on Halloween
Chinese Dragon Makeup Tutorial
Skull face

Zombie walks are a blast and can now be found in cities across the world. The latest world record for zombie gatherings was on July 3, 2010 in Seattle, WA. The annual ‘Red, White, and Dead’ zombie walk had 4,200 zombies in attendance. Find one near YOU. Asheville’s walk will be on October 10th.

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