We are in the middle of our tenth year (!) in business and celebrating with a series of giveaways. We did one on Facebook in early July and were reminded once again how creative and enthusiastic our fans are. The partipants were asked to comment about what they would want to make if they won the Organic Armor Arts online course.

There were 300 + responses, ranging from belly dance and mermaid wear, to viking dog armor and a WOW gnome. Lots of ideas involving dragons (crowns, puppets, breastplates). Also zombie prosthetics, unicorn horns, a gothic Poison Ivy, a skyscraper crown and so many more. It was really fun reading them all.

We chose 3 winners at random: Mattias Söderberg of Sweden, Drea Maria Vazquez of California, and Ninsídhe Moonish of Australia. This is what they said they wanted to do:

Mattias Söderberg “I’m learning cosplay and prop building at a culturehouse that my friend holds. This would be perfect as the next step in learning!”

Drea Maria Vazquez “I would create an armor that looks like a Monster Hunter armor (can’t decide which one). I would make one for my boyfriend because he loves Monster Hunter”

Ninsídhe Moonish “Horns, horns, horns and more horns- I would make so many styles of horns that I would have something to wear *every day of the year*- yes, I want to live in my horns! I want to explore and experiment with colour, make my Pandora set, my Persephone set, my Mother of Dragons set- the horns and headpieces that allow every aspect of my inner world to be expressed externally and I have an entire family that feels the same way.”

Amen, sister!

Ninsidhe is also a commission customer. We made this gorgeous Morrigan headdress for her four years ago. It feels good when people stick with us for years like that 🙂

We’re doing 10 giveaways over the course of this anniversary year, on various platforms. There have been 4 so far. There is one coming up in early August for our Oogoo for Artists book. There will be three more course giveaway on Facebook in September, one on instagram, and a circlet giveaway right before the holidays to wrap up the year.

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