Life in quarantine has been a challenge, but we are all healthy and grateful for that. Organic Armor 3.0 had barely gotten off the ground when the world changed almost overnight. But artists are going to keep making art, right?!

Several of the costume artists in our Facebook group have used this time to make new work. Take a look at  Evie Wolf’s lunar nightmare headdress in process (top left), and Sigmud Aberin’s horned headdress made to enhance his body painting work (lower left).

If you’ve been wanting to try these techniques, now is a good time to try it. We know artists are getting hard hit by this crisis and wanted to do something more than the usual half off spring sale. We are offering our biggest sale ever for the next 3 days. Get both courses, Introduction to the Organic Armor Arts, and Horned Headdresses, for the low price of $100. That is 66% OFF the regular price of $300.

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