It’s been almost a year since Paul had a  little problem with a dead tree. It’s changed a lot of the way Organic Armor operates. You may have noticed fewer social media postings, blog posts and products in the shop over the last 12 months. We have had to slow down production to almost nothing, and stop taking commissions. I know this has been a disappointment to some of you.

Paul is feeling a lot better, leg all healed, his back still a little sore sometimes. We have decided not to go back to business as usual but to move into Organic Armor 3.0. What that looks like remains to be seen.

We wrapped up a couple of big deadlines in the last month and now Paul is doing a deep studio clean/reorg. New things will emerge after that.  He’s talking about making dragon puppets, garden sculpture, cast resin sculpture, 3-D printing, and some personal costume projects that he’s been putting off for years.

We are still 100% committed to sharing the OAA techniques with other artists. The folx in the private Facebook group continue to amaze me with their beautiful work – for example the “Horsewoman of the Apocalypse” costume seen here, made by Raven Ebner, belly dancer. WOW! See more awesome student work here.

To make it easier to try out, we offering our Introduction online course for 50% off this week. Use coupon code OA3.0 during check out. Just in time for Halloween!