Zoe Jakes’ House of Tarot, photo The Dancers Eye

Last month we traveled to Chicago to vend at a new festival (new to us, they’ve been going for 13 years). Tribal Revolution is one of the largest and most celebrated tribal fusion belly dance events in the US.

We enjoyed meeting the talented participants, many of whom told us they have been Organic Armor fans for years. We made a LOT of new filigree circlets for the occasion and have listed the ones we brought back in the shop already. Get them before they sell out again!

We also made some new belts for the show.  There are 5 left now. We still need to get some good photos of them before they get listed. Queen of the Damned style anyone?! Stay tuned for those, sometime mid month.

Chicago based Spellbound, photo by The Dancer’s Eye

Every night at the con we were able to enjoy a stellar performance by a range of dancers and troopes.  We got to see House of Tarot on Saturday night. It’s evolved quite a bit since we saw it in Asheville 2 years ago. We also got to meet Zoe Jakes briefly! It’s a dream of ours to make a headdress for her!

bellydancer Sabeeyah Sun

We reconnected with Carrie Meyer from The Dancers Eye, who shot these wonderful pics of the shows. She also took this lovely photo of Sabeeyah Sun wearing one of our circlets. We hope to do some more collaborating in the fall.

Silvia Salamanca headlined at the con, photo by The Dancer’s Eye

After the con we saw some Chicago sights. Paul was excited about the dinosaurs at the Field Museum. We hit Chinatown for some excellent noodles. Myopic Books was my favorite stop, and of course we ate some deep dish pizza, oh yeah!

On the way home we stopped at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky for a night. What a beautiful place! Do the Frozen Niagra cave tour if you ever get a chance.

We are back at work in the studio now, working on some fairy wings, a pair of merman circlets, and a dragon themed corset and pauldron. Pictures out sometime in July.