photo: Sean Norman

We attended our second merfolk convention Mermania 2017, last weekend in Greensboro, NC. Outside it was a cold and dreary winter weekend, inside it was a burst of color, humidity and friendly excitement. 400 merfolk from all over the world attended, including our pal from France, Merman Arion, whom you’ve seen in many of our photos.


Mermen Lir and Arion at Mermania

We met up with old friends and connected with many new ones. We brought a batch of brand new filigree circlets and sold almost every one. We were able to pick the brains of some of the best silicone artists around about our silicone bra top project. We also celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary while there!  Overall it was a great time.

Big appreciation to Daniel Craig and his team for putting the event together. Herding mermaids is at least as hard as herding cats!

Jennifer was interviewed by Strange Carolinas while there.



Spirit Fort was our neighbor vending, selling her rainbow wares


Darling young mermen, including New York Merman who bought the 1st circlet before we were even unpacked