cincher sketches

We’ve been working on a new line designed to show off Paul’s beautiful and unique cameos. They are cinchers – bigger than a belt, smaller than an underbust corset. They will be able to cross back and forth between costuming and dress up wear.


prototype of Gothic design

There are four design themes:

Gothic – features our elegant lady skull cameo, framed with lace and spiderwebs, in black and silver

Mermaid – a classic octopus cameo sits among scales, sea shells, pearls and waves, in dark blue and silver

Victorian – uses the Flora cameo, based on an ancient Roman relief sculpture, lace, scrolls and just a sprinkle of steampunk rivets, in leather brown and gold

Moon Maiden – features a lovely maiden lounging on a crescent moon, friendly round moon faces and other celestial elements, in silver and gold

We’ve specifically developed these for streamlined production so we can offer them at a lower cost. Our inventory belts are usually $200 or more. The price on these is going to be $150.  Watch for an even better, special price on the first day they’re listed!

Their size is adjustable because they lace up the back. We will offer them in three lengths from 24″ to 40″.

We had hoped to launch the line by the end of May but it’s going to take a little longer. So here’s a sneak preview.


5 cinchers ready to paint