mardi gras

Carol and her husband at Mardi Gras party

Carol Richards joined the online course last fall and has been one of the active members of the Facebook group, sharing her work in progress pictures and cheering on the rest of us. She is a makeup artist, using many tools including body painting to create characters. She calls herself a transformation artist!

Excited that she finally has time to focus on her creative pursuits, she said “Theater is in my blood, but once I married a Navy man and had children it mostly went on the back burner. I was never living in the right place at the right time. Now that my kids are grown I’m free as a bird to reinvest my time in myself and get creative again.”

What is your background in art and/or costuming? 
None in costuming, I’m a makeup artist and have always been interested in all art forms.

armbandWhat made you decide to take the Intro course?
I was working on a makeup idea and when I saw the advertisement for the course I knew adding a bit of costuming would be fun.

What has been the best thing, and what has been the most challenging thing about learning these techniques?
I’m extremely busy and like how I do not have to stay with the product for long periods of time. I can walk away from it and come back when I have time. I also love how forgiving it is. If I do not like something, I can easily change it.
I really haven’t found anything too challenging. The dry brushing is fun but I have to not “over work” it. I tend to get it right then decide to add just a little bit more. That makes it muddy. But I can start over if necessary.

What have you made so far using the techniques, and what do you hope to make in the future?
I’ve made 2 armbands, a collar, 2 hats and am almost done with a crown.

How does the course enhance your creative life?
It as helped me feel more creative.  I get so busy with work it’s good to get my hands dirty again.


mardi gras

Carol in her Mardi Gras hat

Would you recommend the course to a friend and why?

I have recommended this course to others. One of my friends is a Drag Queen and looking for unusual costumes.
Thank you so much for being part of this growing community and for taking time to answer these questions Carol.