hannah mermaidWe’ve been doing collaborative photo shoots with talented models and photographers for many years. Some are new to the scene and some are world renowned. These two images fall into the latter category.

Hannah Mermaid is a professional mermaid (yes, there is such a thing), ocean environmentalist, artist and model.  A dedicated activist, she travels the world performing for charity projects and commercial ventures to bring awareness about the environmental issues effecting the seas and it’s animal life. She has swum in the open ocean with sharks, dolphins, whales, seals, manta rays and more. Watch some of her videos here. They are truly amazing.
She is also a professional model out of the water and often works with Australian photographer Bob Armstrong. His design and print agency, ArmstrongQ has won may prestigious awards.

hannah fraserThese two images were shot by Bob, with post editing by Hannah herself.

We are hoping to do another collab with her in March.