Wow, the summer is flying by, as usual. We’ve been keeping even busier than last year with developing our online course – Introduction to the Organic Armor Arts. It’s going to be ready for pre-sale by early September, and ready for launch by the end of September (goddess willing!).

A trio of especially amazing costumes have come out of the studio this month: Wonder Woman, Xena and Queen Nefertari. All three of these will be wandering around Dragon con is a few weeks!

We were able to get some fun photos of Wonder Woman, thanks to our friends at Tempus Fugit Design. Rodney is a big fan of the Amazonian princess and her magic lasso.

11758961_10207182698189386_540405802_n TFD_1970

We’ve talked to customers about doing a Xena set for years and were so happy when we finally got a commission for it.


We can’t wait to see it all together with the dress and boots etc.

Last but not least, we made this amazing headdress, similar to the Cleopatra style but without serpents and with a double plume. Queen Nefertari was an Egyptian Queen and the first Royal Wife of Ramesses the Great. We based the design on temple paintings. This was custom made for a cosplaying historian and will be premiered at the Dragon Con History Fashion Show.  Photos by Tempus Fugit Design (this set is a family affair!).

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