rams kilker 5-13

Rams horns, photo by Gail Kilker Photography

UPDATE June 2016:
Each made-to-order (MTO) item has its own time frame which is noted in its listing (Cernnunos antlers 3 weeks, cinchers 10 days, etc.)

Finally! Right? You’ve been asking for it for years but for various reasons we have not been able to list regular shop items as “made to order”. This meant that if you saw a cool set of antlers in the galleries or on Facebook, but we didn’t have any in stock in the shop, there was no easy way to order a set.

You would have to take the initiative to write us a note. We’d respond with prices and timeline, you’d put down a deposit, then your order would go into our commission production line.

This awkward process had mostly to do with our overly packed production shedule. But things have opened up at last and we are excited to be able to streamline the purchase and production of 5 of our most popular items: Cernunnos antlers, Rams horns, Valkyrie Wings, Unicorn circlet, and the Bride of Thymr headdress.

Order one by mid January for a Valentine’s Day gift!

If this works well we will expand the selection (Maleficent, Queen of the Damned, Sea Goddess bra and belt…!).

What does Made to Order mean?

It means the pieces are not in stock. When we get an order for one, we make it. You might notice that the prices on Made to Order items can be a little higher than the same ones in stock. That’s because we are fitting these in around our commission orders.


Cernunnos antlers, photo by WinterWolf Studio

The MTO items will take varying times to make, which is noted in each listing. It might be less, it won’t be more. Upon ordering you will receive an email giving you a ship date.

The design will be very similar to the images in the product photos but every piece is handmade and has some natural variations. Made to order is not the same as a custom order. If you want a set of antlers that are longer or with a different band, that would go into the commission pipeline.

Here’s to lots more horned fabulousness in 2016!