10710742_465924956880209_7648878944994327192_nIt’s like a tornado in the studio as we come down to the wire on Halloween orders.

We finished two gorgeous corsets this weekend but we were in such a hurry to mail them that we didn’t get any good pictures. Sad. Hopefully our wonderful customers will send us some.

One corset has a lunar theme, with new cameos of a lovely moon goddess and sweet full moon faces. There is a set of bracers and headdress to match. The other is a purple confection of mermaid elements – scales, shells, fronds of seaweed. It is sumptuous.

Now we have to finish a cool Thanos (Marvel comics villain) shoulder/chest plate and helmet and one last Maleficent headdress by Wednesday. Whew!

This gorgeous photo was taken last week by Tempus Fugit Design of the alabaster Chumo Moulin. The bra was a custom order based on a Succubus character. We are getting many inquiries about it, so I predict there will be more of them in our future.

Enjoy the high holy day of costuming and light a candle for your beloved dead while you’re at it!