rick hatA favorite type of  “canvas” for Paul is a top hat. It is by nature theatrical – made to be worn on special occasions. Ringmasters, bridegrooms and magicians sport them, as well as many interesting and dapper characters from books and films.

So when we were invited to make one for Ricky Pierce, AKA the Rock Pirate, we were excited. He is a master mason and a sculptor of hardscapes. Check out the beautiful Wamboldtopia for some examples of his work.

Ricky asked for some personal symbols, like the tools of his trade the shovel and pick, and varied skulls (one of his piratical trademarks). Paul made a rock-like texture for the band and added some steampunk flair.

We’ve got two other customized top hats in the schedule – one is a nautilus themed hat with some old school diver helmet elements, and one is a voodoo inspired hat with a new monkey skull sculpt.

Here are a few others we’ve done. What is your dream top hat theme?

top hat pirate

Baron Samedi top hat

top hat towering paul

Towering Topper with skull cameos

top hat bacchus

Bacchus top hat

violet blue eyeball top hat

Violet Eye top hat