maleficent headdressWow, what a response we got from posting pictures of the freshly minted Maleficent headdress! It’s up to 4K likes now on Facebook and got some retweets too (we are just getting started with Twitter – it’s been a slow build there).

We made this for a photo shoot with one of our favorite photographers Laura Dark. The shoot was instigated by another kindred spirit, model Jackie Steinert,AKA Odette Despairr who has been dreaming of being Maleficent for years.

The live-action film with Angelina Jolie is being released on May 30th. We figured there would be a lot of interest in cosplaying the most elegant and evil of the Disney bad guys and Paul wanted to try his hand at that sinowy horn shape.

maleficent headdress He invented a few new tricks in the process. Getting them symmetrical and placed just right was tricky!

We are now taking orders for the headdress. More info about custom orders can be found here. It weighs about 1 pound and has a V-shaped opening at the back so it can be tied to fit most head sizes. Send me a message if you’d like to talk more about it.