rams horns headdress

Molly Stanton in rams horns

We just spent a delightful four days in the woods of New York state, vending at the New York Fairie Festival.

Saw many old friends from the Spoutwood Fairy Fest, including Molly Stanton of Elven Elysium, Larry of Fantasy Guilde, Dorita and David of Reyen Designs, Robert of Goblin Road (nice ears), and Katie of Lennon Studio.

Met some new lovely friends too:  Hrana Janta, visionary artist; Renae Taylor, fae artist and illustrator; Johanna of Moresca Clothing, and Danny of Crafty Celts.

Rams horns were the big hit this time. We sold out of them. Molly was a walking advertisment for them all weekend. And Stephen looks like he was born to wear them.

rams horn headdress

Stephen in rams horns

Billy Bardo, the impresario behind this event sure knows how to throw a party. We hope very much to make it a yearly trek for us.

fairy fashion show steampunk

Jordan modeled for us in the fairy fashion show

stilt walker fairy fest

Joffrey the stilt walker visits Paul in the booth