clay sculpted cameo original

Cameo sculpted from clay to cast in latex

People are always surprised when they first pick up one of our pieces. “It’s so light, wow, I thought it would be heavier.”

We are illusionists. We make it look like antique iron or leather or bone. You’ll look mighty, but you can wear it all night and not get neck strain.

Organic Armor is handmade primarily of natural latex, a sap-like liquid from the rubber tree (AKA Hevea Brasiliensis).

The pieces are constructed, one at a time, from a variety of textiles, including fabric (sometimes old blue jeans), woven straw, felt, foam, clothesline and even dryer lint.  Wire is used as an armature when needed.

For small repeated elements like the stone settings and horns we make our own molds and cast them. Paul also sculpts amazing things like these cameos and elephants in clay, and then casts them to apply to breastplates, hats etc.


Elephants & cameo were 1st sculpted in clay and then cast

Layers of latex and other coatings bond everything and create the integrated, antique-looking surface. Then it’s painted with acrylic paints, and sealed with an acrylic coating that has UV protection in it. Our armor is strong and durable. It will last many years if taken care of properly.

The secret ingredient is love.

To order something custom like this, drop us a line.