Cuff or upper arm band for fae folk

I finished reorganizing the shop at last. Now all the products there are in stock and ready to ship. We’ve got a bunch of new circlets, cuffs and upper arm bands, several top hats, chokers and more.

I also put in about 20 items for our spring cleaning sale. These are prototypes or odd sizes that we need to clear out: cowboy hats, bowlers, mini-top hats, faun horns.

The easy way to find all these is to use the pull-down menu and choose SALE.


A bowler for the dapper steampunk fairy, with horns, vines and gears

This is a great time to get a deal on something cool to wear for summer festivals and cons. They are all about 50% off.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, peruse the galleries. If it’s there, send me an email for more info. Most of what’s in there can be made to order.

Please check out the new shop and tell your friends. Thanks!


Circlet in gold with red and plum fused glass