Golden Ashley in Cernunnos horns, Halloween 2009, photo: Paynie

I had the flu all week and spent a lot of time on the couch staring at Tumblr. It’s kind of anti-intuitive in it’s navigation (what’s with the back button not working?) and yet it’s entrancing. I found a lot of eye candy to entertain my fevered self.

So I took the plunge and started one for Organic Armor. Follow us if you are out there.

I also got more done on updating the Shopp. Soon it will only carry items that are in stock!  That means when you order from there – it will be shipped within a week, rather than in six or more!

All the awesome goodies that need to be made-to-order are now going to live in the galleries. I’m also going to have an online sale “bin”. Half price goodies, oh yeah!

An announcement will be made when all this is completed.

Stay well!