organic_armor_displayGamerfront posted the video of our interview today. I’m so pleased with it. You can hear a little about how we got started and why we do what we do. There are some nice montages of  our work. They gave us 12+ minutes! It was really a pleasure meeting Chris and Caitlyn and they obviously liked us too.

The studio looks  like a disaster area, which is kind of embarrassing.  Paul is a messy guy but it’s more than that. You’ll notice we are all wearing coats. That’s because there are high drafty ceilings with no insulation and no heat, except for a couple of space heaters. In the winter we compact the studio to half it’s normal size and cocoon the area in plastic tarp to keep the little bit of heat there is, in. So it gets pretty chaotic. By March we can pull it down and spread out again, I can’t wait.

If you are finding us through Gamerfront – Welcome! We love to do custom cosplay pieces. Contact us with your ideas. Subscribe to our newsletter in the box to the left (4x a year).