I’d like to split myself into 3 to attend all the wonderful events this weekend.

First, the place we will actually be, is right here in our Asheville studio. The twice yearly River District Studio Stroll is strolling through. We always get a good crowd. They love trying on the goods and taking pictures of themselves. Come see us if you’re in the area – Riverview Studios, 191 Lyman St. #229. Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 5 pm.

Moving north to Baltimore, you’ll have a magical time at Faeriecon. Several Spoutwood friends will be vending there, if you go, say hello for us:

Lennon Studios
Elven Elysium
Goblin Road
Reyen Designs

And then up to New York for the performance of Bad Girls and Dangerous Games by tribal bellydance superstars Venus Uprising. They will be wearing some our our work in one of the numbers.


Neon of Venus Uprising wearing custom bra, belt, armbands