paul boothWe enjoyed ourselves at Fanaticon last Saturday, a new comic book con right here in Asheville, NC.  The organizers worked hard and did a great job on promotion. More than 3000 people came. It was free and a good fit for our creative and geeky town, so that helped.

There were lots of superhero costumes. The Star Wars folks also turned out in droves. I went to a panel on “Adventures in Costuming” by the Rebel Legion Blue Ridge Base. I didn’t realize how strict they were about screen accuracy. They turn away potential members if they are not up to the Lucas code. But they aren’t unfriendly at all, they actually do a lot of charity events.

One guy shared about making his costume from scratch using an old barrel cut up for the chest plate, metal coffee pitchers from the Dollar store for his bracers, a calculator face, and various odds and ends from the hardware store for accessories. He’s third from the left in the picture. I love that kind of creativity.

We had a table in the dealer area. Saw lots of people from other parts of our lives – an interesting convergence. Not a lot of sales since it wasn’t exactly our market. We were still glad to be a part of it.


The Rebel Legion Blue Ridge Base