We had the fun of a creative collaboration with Accentuates Clothing last month and, thanks to Diane’s beautiful designs, the talents of Tempus Fugit Design and the three beautiful models, we got some great results.

It was absolutely pouring rain, what we call a gullywasher around here, at call time. We were meeting at the studio at VaVaVoom in downtown Asheville. Trying to feed the meter while juggling trays of circlets with bags of snacks and an umbrella was fun! I’m glad we decided against the outdoor shoot that we originally envisioned. Everyone got there soggy but intact eventually and we set up against a natural stone wall. 

I first met Diane a year ago when her assistant Whitney modeled the giant unicorn head for us. Picking it up at the Accentuates studio afterward, I saw how elegantly draped and sexy the knit garments were – part fairy, part belly dancer, part mermaid. The tagline for Diane’s designs is “For the Goddess Energing”, which fits the look so well. As we talked we realized how complimentary our work would be and decided to collaborate. It took a year but we finally got something planned, calling on our mutual friend Rodney Smith to do the photography.

Rodney hooked us up with two new models, Michelle Raymond and Emma Dubin. And we asked Credella Credle, one of our favorite models and people, to be the third.

When everyone is aligned aesthetically, things flow. That’s how it went with this shoot. The models were regal, playful, professional. They were clearly enjoying themselves. Rodney brings out the best in people and lighting. The circlets, belts and garments looked wonderful.

I’m grateful to all who participated and look forward to more collaborations with Accentuates Clothing. Check out their shop for your summer goddess needs. And look in our shop for the latest circlets.