IMG_9649The videos are finished. The written content is plugged in. Graphics, photos, lists of supplies are complete. It’s all loaded into the Introduction to the Organic Armor Arts course at last. It now awaits the new students who purchased it in the pre-launch period. They will get their registration emails tomorrow.

If you’d like to join them, click on the link in the Organic Armor Arts shop.

In this quiet moment I want to thank the people who helped us get this far:

Number one in brotherly love, as well as shooter of all video footage, editor, and hand holder: Rod Murphy
Graphics: Mike Lupinacci
Logo: Aristotle Pramagouillis
Wordpress help: Diva Deluxe Design

For inspiration and early guidance: Rod Murphy, Sebastion Michaels of Photoshop Grunge

For giving us practice and encouragement: our moldmaking students from the Spring 2015 workshops

For putting their money down and trusting us to make something great for them, the 52 pre-launch students!

For the steady loving family support: it takes a village but especially Connor, Gina, Ginger, Allan, Karen, Cassandra, Cyd and Julie.

And for the long distance support: Helga, Radhika, Jean, Rod Sr., and Lyena

Thank you all, we love you!
Paul and Jennifer