CC Smith models the Catacombs set, photo Tempus Fugit Design

Whoa, what a month October was! Who’s crazy idea was it to launch a course in the busiest season of the year? But we survived and made some amazing commissions.

We have a new look that is getting a lot of attention – we call it the catacombs theme. It’s a natural outgrowth of our Queen of Skulls headdress, Day of the Dead hats, and Ghost baby crowns – a mass of antique skulls elegantly arranged on a bra.

It started with a Lady Death cosplay made for photographer Eye Candee Visuals last fall. She got some wonderful shots of it and after posting them we got commissions for similar pieces. This one was for a belly dancer and included a matching belt.


Lady Death bra made for photographer Eye Candee Visuals, model is Claudia Di Totto