I love our customers. They are some of the most creative and unusual folks in the world.

We just finished a pair of crowns for two women going to a Haunters Convention. They had this very original idea for a set of characters – twin ghost sisters of the 17th century that cannibalized all of their siblings. Lovely, huh? They wear Marie Antoinette style gowns and crowns decorated with tiny baby faces and skulls. Here’s our assitant Nara wearing one. Very Kali-esque.

Paul really enjoyed sculpting the faces. He tried to capture that weird “little old man” look that some babies have.

In 2 weeks we leave for the northeast, visiting family around New York and New England and wrapping up our trip at the New York Faerie Festival once again. Looking forward to seeing our old friends there. Come visit us, June 27-30 if you are in the area!