unicorn costume circlet scarab

LEAF ladies model the new scarab circlet and unicorn circlet

We had a wonderful time last weekend at the Lake Eden Arts Festival. Here are a few pictures from this sweet music fest held at a beautiful summer camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains, not far from our home.

The wind was a little scary at times (booth walls were flapping like crazy) but the rains never amounted to much. They did present us with a lovely rainbow on Saturday afternoon.

Our unicorn horns were popular! We sold out of the small ones. Still have some circlets. I will be posting them, and new rams horns, cernunos antlers, goat horns, faun horns and circlets by this Friday morning.

skull hathor horns cernunnos antlers costume

Cernunnos antlers and skull themed Hathor horns on a pair of lovely revellers

greenman top hat rams horns

Greenman top hat and rams horns on some young fans