We all need a calendar right? Well, maybe not anymore with all your data stored in your phone (till you drop it in a river). But they are small, cheap works of art and can be entertaining. It’s a revolving gallery for your kitchen.

Here are some off-beat ones you might enjoy:

Freaks of Asheville -3rd year for this special tribute to some of the unusually creative citizens of our fair city


Flaming Lotus Girls "The sexiest metalwork and metalworkers on the planet"

Flaming Lotus Girls – purveyors of fine and firey artistic mayhem, often seen at Burning Man

Reverie Realm – designed by Alan Welch and featuring Organic Armor in several images

Call of the Goddess – 15th annual edition with paintings by Helena Nelson-Reed

Burning Man -Desk Calendar & Book – celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the festival

Brian Froud – by British artist, author and film designer, leading authority on faerie lore

2011 Pirelli – annual collectors edition, only the elite customers get a copy but I’ll bet they’re on Ebay. This year the images are by Karl Lagerfield and have a tres chic mythological theme

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell – by the famous fantasy artists/husband and wife team. All new paintings.


The Art of Heavy Metal Calendar, cover by Michael Calandra

The Art of Heavy Metal – Scantily-clad warrior chicks a-plenty. Many well-known fantasy and comic artists have worked for the magazine since it started in 1977

Steampunk Calendar– by The Leather Dragon on Etsy