***We are currently booked for TFP shoots through August and are not scheduling anymore. Please do not contact us about new TFP shoots until August 1st. Thanks for understanding.***

***Please read these guidelines carefully before contacting us. We appreciate the enthusiasm but I can’t keep answering the same questions over and over – that’s why I put the answers here.***

We’ve been doing TFP (trade for pictures) collaborations with models and photographers since 2010, when this gorgeous shot by Winterwolf Studios showed us the power of that kind of creative synergy. Overall these trades have been wonderful experiences and have resulted in hundreds of great pictures that have been spread all over the internet to the benefit of all involved.

Please take note of our policies:

  • We only participate in about 8 shoots a year. We don’t plan more than 2 seasons ahead.
  • We do not give our pieces away for shoots or promotion ever, we only loan them.
  • Most of our work is custom made. Custom pieces do not get loaned for shoots. They are usually whisked off to the Post Office within a couple of days of being completed, on their way to the creative folks that commissioned them. We have local photographers that we use on these.
  • Bra and belt sets, large headdresses, chestplates, many of the hats… these are almost always made as custom orders and therefore are not usually available for TFP shoots.
  • We do not make anything on spec for photo shoots. That means we can’t make one of those fabulous bra and belt sets or headdresses just for your shoot. We just don’t have time. If you want to order the pieces, great! Contact us.
  • We always appreciate having interesting, well-made shots of our shop items and that’s what we usually loan out for TFP shoots. To see what is immediately available look here. To see what might be available, look in the shop archive galleries. The line between custom and shop items is sometimes fuzzy.
  • We are looking to work with professional photographers, models, and teams who express an aesthetic similar to ours in their work – organic forms, mythic themes.
  • It sometimes ends up being the luck of the draw who we work with. The more your plans are spelled out (with a good dose of flexibility), the better the chances are that we can collaborate.

We truly appreciate all the requests and offers.

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