IMG_3815There are many people who support and inspire us, including family, friends, and customers. Here are a few:

Rod Murphy – shot/edited our online course, dear brother, documentary filmmaker

Radhika Hersey – daughter and muse, visionary painter and loving soul

FaerieKin – our fae kin who stiltwalk and sing while teaching care for the earth

Quill Pen – ever optomistic web designer who plays a mean cigar box guitar

Diva Deluxe Design – steadfast friend, web designer and ninja

Tempus Fugit Design – Rodney is the K’nex of many fabulous folks via his photography and theater work

Alex Grey
Amanda Sage
HR Giger
Frank Frazetta
Andrew Gonzalez
Boris Vallejo
Kris Kuksi
Jason Webley
Paperhand Puppet
Street Creature Puppet Clubhouse

Winter Wolf Designs
Laura Dark
Dim Horizon Studio
Nic Adams
Sonoran Muses

Burning Man
Lake Eden Arts Festival
Spoutwood Fairy Fest
NY Faeriefest
Labyrinth of Jareth

Finfolk Productions
Kamui Cosplay
Punished Props
Living Art America
Reyen Designs
Fantasy Guilde
Ribbons & Rivets
Dark Spectre Couture
Grateful Threads

Jaydee Copperfield
Hannah Fraser
Neon of World Dance New York
Fox & Beggar Theater

Democracy Now
Buddah at the Gas Pump
Hi Fructose
Bein Art Gallery
Riverview Station
Falconhurst Back40
Blue Ridge Parkway