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Are you a crafty belly dancer, ambitious cosplayer, inspired festival reveller? Would you like to make your own version of Organic Armor? Then you need to check out our new Introductory Course.

After many years of being asked to teach people how we do what we do, we are finally saying yes!


We launched our Introduction to the Organic Armor Arts in October 2015. In this online course Organic Armor founder and master of the artform Paul Hersey takes you through the seven stages of the Organic Armor Arts process, from the spark of an idea to a finished wearable item.


We also now offer live weekend workshops that cover the same information as the online course. These two day classes are held in our studio in Asheville, North Carolina, a wonderful place to visit any time of year.

The live workshops are limited to six students each and are led by Paul Hersey and his partner Jennifer Murphy. Students receive plenty of personal attention and the fun of learning in a small, enthusiastic group. They get to see our commissions in progress and ask any questions they like.


The demonstration project for both online and in person classes is a set of upper armbands. We picked this because it can be used by men or women, the sizing is easy to adjust, and the work is done on a flat surface, which is easier than working on a 3D form. Once you complete this project you will have the basic skills needed to tackle many other forms of wearable art, from headdresses to greaves.


The course starts with an overview so you can see what you will be doing all the way through. It includes many graphics and diagrams to help explain the steps in a variety of ways. It is designed for people with a range of crafting skills, from beginners to professionals.

We spend time talking about the materials since some of them are not in the usual crafters closet. We will also be giving you lots of tips that we learned the hard way, so you won’t have to!

Lastly, all students are invited to join the private Facebook group. We have students from all over the world sharing lively updates and support as they explore this amazing art form.

We have many ideas for future courses after this. Make sure to get on the mailing list (in the footer) to stay informed about new releases.

Head over to to purchase the course, a live workshop or our new ebook.

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